Beat the Foreclosure Blues!

Knee-Deep In Financial Woes? Facing the Looming Threat of Foreclosure? Can’t Find a Way to Sell Your Home Fast?

There is an easy way out.

The rising number of foreclosures in Nashville is proof of the fact that a lot of homeowners face difficulties in managing their finance once they get into a mortgage loan. There can be a variety of reasons behind missing payments – from losing a job, rising interest, increasing debt etc.

But the truth is that it is indeed possible to get past the clenches of foreclosure and make a clean start again if you keep a few pointers in check.

Consider Short Sale – The Leading Alternative to Foreclosure

It’s true that sometimes foreclosure is inevitable, but there is always room for some other solutions that should be considered before letting go of your beloved home for good.

The list of losses that come with foreclosure is pretty darn long and may continue to haunt you for years. Besides losing your home, foreclosure also causes a major dent in your credit report, making it difficult, if not impossible, to invest in real estate again in the future. And the stress and social stigma that comes with the deal is an entirely different story altogether.

But a Short Sale Saves You a Lot of Pressure, Hassle and Money

True. A short sale is a way out for homeowners who are in massive debt and have no other option rather than giving in to the prospect of losing their home.

Short sale is a quick sale of the property, and it allows you to get some compensation for the property you are letting go of. Also, a short sale does affect your credit report, but the implications are not as major as having a foreclosure on your financial records.

Consider a Short Sale in Nashville – Eligibility and Advantages

Before you start thinking about a short sale, it is important to get in touch with a specialist realtor who specializes in handling real estate cases similar to yours. Finding quick buyers for your home and selling your home fast is indeed possible, if your property is in the hands of the right specialist!

There are a few conditions to be met in order to be eligible for a short sale.

  • The debt on your account should be higher than the total value of your property,
  • You must have a valid reason for the defaulting, i.e. employment loss, health issues or any other financial upheaval etc.
  • And finally, your lender must agree to the deal!

Short Sale is often more feasible to Lenders as well…

Did you know that your lender too may be willing for a quick short sale rather than waiting for months for the foreclosure process? Contact a reliable short sale specialist today and get to know your options now!

But Does It Come With Strings Attached?

Dealing with the entire short sale procedure, from documentation to negotiation may prove to be tedious for home owners, especially when they are already under so much stress. Thus, it is always a smart choice to go for a short sale specialist who can handle the entire procedure effortlessly and guide you in taking the right decision at the right time.

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