How to save yourself from a Foreclosure

Foreclosure is the time period when your rights over your house are seized and you are only a few steps away from being shelter less.

The Threat of Foreclosure

Have you faced the problem of foreclosure in the past and are looking for every possible means of saving yourself from the issue in the future? Or are you nearing a foreclosure? Whatever your reason for reading this might be, we have a specialist who can help you in many ways.

The REALTOR who can Help

It is the case of your property and the matter of having a roof or going shelter less. Indeed, it is a serious matter. For foreclosure, it is always wise to opt for someone who has experience. Someone who has handled foreclosure cases will be able take the burden and the tension off your shoulders. Jim McCormack is the specialist who has handled numerous foreclosure cases and can be of great help to you.

What exactly does Jim Do?

Jim offers his helping hand to those who are financially distressed borrowers. A borrower can become financially distressed when they fail to make payments to the lender. Money is borrowed from an individual or a financial institution so that once can make payments for a house. Once money is borrowed from a generous lender, both the parties decide on a monthly mortgage payment. If for some reason the borrower is unable to pay the mortgage for a few months, the lender obtains a court order that terminates every right of the borrower on the property.

Once all the rights are terminated, the lender puts the house on a foreclosure auction and the borrower goes shelter less. The borrowers are the individuals that Jim extends a helping hand towards. One such family that Jim helped were the dwellers of 1506 Sprucedale Dr Antioch in Tennessee. Their first loan servicer was the Suntrust Mortgage (FHA Insured Loan- HUD Pre Foreclosure Sale Program). With Jim’s assistance, the family was saved from a foreclosure and the property was sold off under a short sale for $75,800 within a period of 94 days.

What is a Short Sale?

Jim is a specialist at short sale. Besides the above example, he has a great deal of experience in handling short sales. Under a short sale, the borrower is given a privilege of selling off the property at a lower price instead of the lender putting it on a foreclosure.

Lenders agree to sell off the property under a short sale because it is a better option for them as well.

With the short sale, the borrower pays off the lender and does not go shelter less. Therefore, if you feel that you need the help of a specialist during financial hardships, it is a good idea to approach Jim. He has a knack at handling such property issues and takes a great deal of interest in helping out his clients.

Call Jim today and save yourself from a foreclosure.

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