Lake Forest Estates La Vergne Short Sale Closed for VA Loan

Jim McCormack was able to help close a shore sale for folks at 1306 E Nir Shreibman Blvd in La Vergne, TN in 191 days and the borrower/seller was given a full release from the mortgage loan.

Lake Forest Estates La Vergne Short Sale Closed for VA Loan

The first loan was a VA guaranteed loan – VA Compromise Sale and it sold for $68,000 in 191 days due to the expertise of Jim McCormack. Most short sales can take longer and some can drag on for a year or two! That is not where you want to be in two years; still lumbering along with your short sale home like a stone around your neck. You need help, you need relief and you need it sooner rather than later. The biggest difference I have found in a short sale expert and a typical real estate agent is the education and knowledge on how to communicate with lenders and those involved. If communication is dropped, the deal can sit dormant for months, and often does in many cases.

If you have been struggling to make your mortgage payment there are options but the biggest incentive needs to be time. You can’t wait too long. The longer you wait the less options you have. If you are at least a month behind in your mortgage and not sure you can continue making the payments, stop; call me today. I work throughout the La Vergne, Nashville, Smyrna, Murfreesboro and Kingston Springs area and all around Nashville. Plus, short sales are my thing. While we may have pulled ourselves out of the short sale crisis of just a couple years ago, there are still homes that are carrying larger mortgages than they are worth and this is where a short sale must come into play. For VA Loans, FHA Loans and HUD loans and even conventional loans, there are many options but it take the right agent to facilitate the transaction. Because I stay up to date on my client’s rights and the rules, I can communicate with the lender and get you the relief you  need in a faster time than the average agent.

Call me today to find out how to get the financial relief you need. Call the short sale expert in and around Nashville.

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